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Lake Bluff Downtown LogoLake Bluff adopted its Downtown Streetscape Concept Plan on December 13, 2021 as a conceptual vision to be implemented over time. The Plan was the result of a six-month effort by the Village to evaluate existing conditions, listen to community goals and consider conceptual streetscape enhancement plans for Lake Bluff’s Central Business District (CBD). 

Streetscape_FarmersMktTable.pngLake Bluff’s Downtown has long been recognized as the historical and cultural center place of the community. Given Downtown Lake Bluff’s background and a renewed focus on public places, now is the time to focus on Lake Bluff’s Downtown environment. Downtown businesses are vibrant and want more public places. Community members are finding themselves outdoors more often, walking and biking between neighborhoods, parks, the beach, and Downtown. Now is an opportune time to capitalize on Downtown vibrancy and community interests in public places.
 Streetscape ConceptPlan
Downtown Lake Bluff is a welcoming gathering space and the community’s outdoor living room. The streetscape is recognized for its compact walkable scale, charming two and three story buildings, mature trees, and landscaping. In addition, Downtown maintains it’s historic mix of land uses that make for a vibrant community centerplace, including Village Hall, Police and Fire Station, Metra Station, Library and Museum, Village Green, Post Office, and a mix of attractive restaurants and retail shops. The Streetscape Concept Plan is designed to support this vibrant mix, reinforcing pedestrian entrances, clear and open sidewalk spaces, and more opportunities for public seating and gathering.
Highlights of the Plan recommendations include:
  • Incorporating flexible outdoor public seating and specialty lighting.
  • Adding and upgrading bicycle racks, planters, drinking fountains, and other street furniture.
  • Improving connectivity between the Metra Parking Lot and downtown.
  • Accommodate flexible street uses using a partially curbless, one-way street on the north side of the Village Green.
  • Adding casual seating nooks and amenities.
  • Maximizing on-street parking.
  • Decluttering sidewalks.
  • Protecting existing trees and infilling new trees and native entry plantings.
  • Reinforcing green transitions to neighborhoods.



We are pleased to announce that Lake Bluff is joining our neighboring communities in the North Shore Electric Aggregation Consortium (NSEAC) to provide residents with community solar subscription options through the CS2 Residential and Small Commercial Program.  The CS2 Program is a partnership with the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus to provide residents an opportunity to support new renewable energy development in northern Illinois while reducing monthly utility costs.

What this means for residents:

  • In October residents will receive a postcard from the Village notifying you that they can place their names on the CS2 Program reservation list.
  • Once community solar projects are completed, residents on the reservation list will be informed that they can complete the subscription enrollment process on a first come-first served basis. There is no cost for residents to place their name on the reservation list, and residents can remove their name from the reservation list at any time.
  • Residents that choose to complete the enrollment process will begin receiving net metering credits on their monthly ComEd electric utility bills for their share of the electricity generated by the Community Solar project.
  • After net metering credits are delivered to subscribers by ComEd, MC-Squared Energy Services, LLC – the billing administrator of the CS2 Program - will bill you for 90% of the net metering credits – leaving the subscriber with 10% of all net metering credits. Your monthly bill from MC Squared Energy Services, LLC will also report how your participation impacts the environment each month.
  • Residents may terminate their Subscription at any time at no charge by simply notifying MC-Squared Energy Services.

Why did we help create the CS2 Program?

In 2019, NSEAC communities were proud to be the first local governments in Illinois to secure community solar subscriptions through the CS2 Program to support the operation of the 900 kW Rainy Solar Community Solar project located in Elgin, Illinois – the first operating community solar farm funded under the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA). 

Now that more community solar projects are under development in Illinois, we saw an opportunity for residents to save money, reducing the unpredictability of energy rates and support a more sustainable energy supply in Illinois.

The CS2 Program provides a safe and effective community solar option that:

  • Is available to all Residential and Small Commercial customers served by ComEd;
  • Requires no enrollment fee or investment;
  • Requires no credits checks or minimum credit score;
  • Delivers a 10% savings of the net metering credits; and,
  • Allows a no-fee termination.

For all of these reasons, we are pleased to offer residents the CS2 Program.

For more details you can also check out our CS2 Program Frequently Asked Questions at

You may choose a community solar offer from other Approved Vendors. For a complete list of your options, visit

In 2017, the Village Board of Trustees unanimously adopted the Village’s 2023 Strategic Plan. The result of months of effort of community volunteers, the plan aims to unite the policy, resources, and stakeholders of the Village in service of the Village’s health and vitality. 

View a one page summary of our progress so far here. (July 2018)

Or, view the full report: