Village Contractor Corrective Asphalt Materials, LLC will be performing preventative maintenance. Between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, on-street parking on certain roads will not be permitted so that the contractor can sweep the roads prior to their pavement rejuvenation emulsion application. The list of streets can be found here.

Treatment FAQ:
Why is this product being applied to my road? CAM, LLC will be applying Reclamite Maltene Based Rejuvenating Agent to your roads. Reclamite is a product designed to extend the life of the pavement by sealing the pavement from the elements. This penetrating sealer is the most widely used pavement rejuvenator in the market for over 50 years, and will assist in minimizing the need for more costly and disruptive methods of street repair.

How long does the process take? Once our small crew begins work on your street, the process will usually only take one to two hours. Please obey all signs and crew direction. Once the road has been treated with lime screenings, the road will be fully opened to traffic.

When can I drive on the road? You can exit your driveway and drive through the work area, but please go slow and stay on the area treated with sand/screenings. Please be advised that driving onto a driveway before the contractor is finished applying the limestone/sand may cause vehicle tires to track some of the product onto driveways and sidewalks. These markings are not permanent, and will naturally fade within a few weeks.

When will the road be cleaned up? After the product is applied, an application of limestone screenings will be applied to the road. This is not permanent. The screenings will be swept up in a day or two after the product is applied.

These agents are environmentally safe and extend the pavements life. If caution and reduced speeds are taken when driving on recently treated roadways, the transfer of material from the roadway to your vehicle is unlikely. If you do have product that has transferred to your vehicle, it is non corrosive and will not damage your vehicle. A bug and tar remover (available at any local auto parts store) will safely remove any material on your vehicle.