The following streets will be resurfaced by the Village's contractor, Peter Baker & Sons, this summer (2022):

Street From To
Arbor Court Full length of road
Evanston Avenue Sylvan Road East Sheridan Place
Gurney Avenue East Scranton Avenue East Center Avenue
Mountain Avenue Full length of road
Newman Court 75% of length of road
Oak Avenue East Scranton Avenue East Center Avenue
Ravine Avenue Full length of road west of Evanston Avenue
East Scranton Avenue Oak Avenue Glen Avenue
Sherwood Drive Waukegan Road Sherwood Terrace
Sunrise Avenue Mountain Avenue East Scranton Avenue
East Witchwood Lane Vincent Court Newman Court
Walnut Avenue Parking Lot Entire parking lot


About resurfacing. The Village proactively resurfaces streets in order to improve their ride, maximize the useful life of the roadway, and reduce future maintenance costs. The resurfacing process takes multiple days, as it takes about one day each to...

  • Grind (mill) the existing roadway surface.
  • Repair the road base and utility structures underneath.
  • Apply a coat of liquid asphalt prior to paving.
  • Apply one layer (course) of roadway material.
  • Apply a second layer of roadway material.
  • Restore the edge of the roadway and final cleanup.

There may be non-working days in between as the Village's contractor works on other roads or due to inclement weather. Additionally, some concrete curbs, gutters, and sidewalks may also be repaired or replaced during the resurfacing process.