202205 NSWRD MuralThe North Shore Water Reclamation District (“NSWRD”) needs to build a subterranean overflow basin so that they can maintain their existing infrastructure and prevent sewage from overflowing into Lake Michigan. As part of their work, the NSWRD will be making other aesthetic improvements to their existing facilities; adding amenities for the Park District; and rebuilding the Lake Bluff Yacht Club’s compound.

NSWRD will be required to follow the Village's Recreational, Institutional, and Open Space ("RIO") zoning district procedures to build the project, which involves reviews before the Village's Architectural Board of Review ("ABR") and Joint Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals ("PCZBA"). The project is in the early planning stages, and workshop reviews are starting early to make the most of stakeholder resources.

On Wednesday, April 20, 2022, project architects presented concept site and structure plans for the new NSWRD, Yacht Club, and Park District facilities. Additional information can be viewed in the meeting's agenda packet and recorded video.

The next steps are expected to include:

  • Summer 2022 - Formal application for RIO Development Plan approval.
  • October 2022 - Start of construction (expected to last 18 months) after the Lake Bluff Yacht Club regatta in late September.
  • Summer 2023 - South beach closed during construction activities; Yacht Club operates from alternate facilities.
  • Spring 2024 - Construction completed.