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Pedestrian and Bicyclist Detour. Starting Monday, May 10, the Robert McClory Bike Path will detour in Lake Bluff at the site of a bridge replacement project over Illinois Route 176 (Rockland Road). Future updates will be posted on the Village website here (

Vehicle Lane Reductions. The Route 176 viaduct will be reduced intermittently from two lanes of vehicle traffic to one lane only. Lane reductions will occur only between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Construction will also close the viaduct completely overnight on two separate occasions to allow for removal of the existing bridge deck and installation of the new bridge deck. 

Scheduled End of Construction. The original construction schedule called for the conclusion of work in mid-July 2021. Inclement weather has delayed the contractor's schedule by approximately 30 days, and work is now scheduled to complete in mid-August.