The Village's Sustainability and Community Enhancement Ad Hoc Committee (SEC) has authored a roadmap to achieve sustainability for our Village. Their draft Sustainability Plan identifies key areas of concern, documents current conditions and best practices, and challenges Bluffers to be more sustainable through action.

The Plan describes how Lake Bluff can be more sustainable through actions in seven key areas:

  • Solid Waste Management and Recycling. Achieve recycling rates over 60% through a combination of waste reduction, materials reuse, and active promotion and expansion of recycling.
  • Energy Conservation. Leverage improvements in energy efficiency and alternative energy to reduce Lake Bluff’s single largest source of carbon emissions.
  • Water Conservation. Continue to reduce per capita usage of Lake Michigan water.
  • Stormwater Solutions. Become more resilient to natural hazards and our changing climate by implementing professional stormwater management practices that incorporate natural features.
  • Natural Spaces. Restore and protect Lake Bluff’s valuable, unique, and native natural resources.
  • Light Pollution. Balance economic and security needs with our small-town character and charm.
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation. Promote transportation methods that impose lesser impact on our environment, promote our health, and improve our recreational opportunities and quality of life.

You can view the draft plan here.

Before it makes its recommendation to the Village Board, the SEC would like your comments on the draft plan. Contact Glen Cole at (847) 283-6889 or via e-mail with your thoughts.