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The following streets will be resurfaced by the Village's contractor, Peter Baker & Sons, this summer (2022):

Street From To
Arbor Court Full length of road
Evanston Avenue Sylvan Road East Sheridan Place
Gurney Avenue East Scranton Avenue East Center Avenue
Mountain Avenue Full length of road
Newman Court 75% of length of road
Oak Avenue East Scranton Avenue East Center Avenue
Ravine Avenue Full length of road west of Evanston Avenue
East Scranton Avenue Oak Avenue Glen Avenue
Sherwood Drive Waukegan Road Sherwood Terrace
Sunrise Avenue Mountain Avenue East Scranton Avenue
East Witchwood Lane Vincent Court Newman Court
Walnut Avenue Parking Lot Entire parking lot


About resurfacing. The Village proactively resurfaces streets in order to improve their ride, maximize the useful life of the roadway, and reduce future maintenance costs. The resurfacing process takes multiple days, as it takes about one day each to...

  • Grind (mill) the existing roadway surface.
  • Repair the road base and utility structures underneath.
  • Apply a coat of liquid asphalt prior to paving.
  • Apply one layer (course) of roadway material.
  • Apply a second layer of roadway material.
  • Restore the edge of the roadway and final cleanup.

There may be non-working days in between as the Village's contractor works on other roads or due to inclement weather. Additionally, some concrete curbs, gutters, and sidewalks may also be repaired or replaced during the resurfacing process.

202205 NSWRD MuralThe North Shore Water Reclamation District (“NSWRD”) needs to build a subterranean overflow basin so that they can maintain their existing infrastructure and prevent sewage from overflowing into Lake Michigan. As part of their work, the NSWRD will be making other aesthetic improvements to their existing facilities; adding amenities for the Park District; and rebuilding the Lake Bluff Yacht Club’s compound.

NSWRD will be required to follow the Village's Recreational, Institutional, and Open Space ("RIO") zoning district procedures to build the project, which involves reviews before the Village's Architectural Board of Review ("ABR") and Joint Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals ("PCZBA"). The project is in the early planning stages, and workshop reviews are starting early to make the most of stakeholder resources.

On Wednesday, April 20, 2022, project architects presented concept site and structure plans for the new NSWRD, Yacht Club, and Park District facilities. Additional information can be viewed in the meeting's agenda packet and recorded video.

The next steps are expected to include:

  • Summer 2022 - Formal application for RIO Development Plan approval.
  • October 2022 - Start of construction (expected to last 18 months) after the Lake Bluff Yacht Club regatta in late September.
  • Summer 2022 - South beach closed during construction activities; Yacht Club operates from alternate facilities.
  • Spring 2024 - Construction completed.

The Village of Lake Bluff is committed to providing timely, sustainable, and cost-effective waste removal by offering services like weekly trash pick-up, recycling, composting, garden and e-waste removal for Village residences.

Quick Reference

Service Schedule. Each household's service schedule is based on their location in the Village:

Area Standard (1 x week) A la carte (2 x week)
West of Sheridan Road Monday Thursday
East of Sheridan Road Tuesday Friday

Containers must be placed at the curb no sooner than 4:00 p.m. the day before collection and no later than 7:00 a.m. the day of collection. Containers must be removed from the curb promptly after collection. 

Holidays. Groot observes six holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Holidays occurring Sunday will be celebrated Monday. All collections after the holiday will be delayed by one day.

SWALCO Resources. The Village of Lake Bluff is partnered with the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County to promote sustainability in our community and help make Lake County a greener, cleaner place. SWALCO’s free informational webpage is complete with all information on member hauler, trash services, recycling services & guidelines, composting services & guidelines, and all other waste services specific to each local community. The website provides more information on Lake Bluff’s waste services and guidelines.

Village of Lake Bluff Recycling Center. The Village's recycling center (640 Rockland Road) accepts many recycling items as well as clothing, textiles, and yard and construction waste. Click here for the Village's Recycling Center rules and permissible items.

Our newest contract renewal with Groot continues to improve the ease of use of the Village’s curbside composting program. You can now include more types of food waste with your compost and use more types of containers. This program is at no additional charge and no signup is necessary.

Over 40% of all edible food in the U.S. is thrown out and food waste is the single largest category of waste deposited in our landfills. Some of this waste can be reduced through good planning, but the next best thing you can do is to compost it.

When composting, your food scraps are mixed with landscape waste to form nutritious compost for plants. Composting extends the life of our landfills, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and helps support gardening and landscaping in our community.

You can start composting today through your weekly landscape waste service provided by Groot Industries. Compost service is year-round and does not stop during the winter.

Try these tips to make your home composting easier:

  • Use a 1-2 gallon kitchen pail to collect food scraps inside your home. Empty it outside periodically when you take out other recycling and landfill waste.
  • Line your pickup container with a Kraft paper bag to reduce mess.
  • Place yard trimmings at the bottom of the pickup container to help catch any fluids. Layer food scraps with yard trimmings inside the container.
  • Rinse your pickup container when necessary. Use soap when rinsing if needed. Sprinkling in baking soda may help reduce odor.
  • Store your container in a cool, shaded area with the lid securely closed.

In 2017, the Village Board of Trustees unanimously adopted the Village’s 2023 Strategic Plan. The result of months of effort of community volunteers, the plan aims to unite the policy, resources, and stakeholders of the Village in service of the Village’s health and vitality. 

View a one page summary of our progress so far here. (July 2018)

Or, view the full report:


The Village is one of 11 North Shore communities that has formed a regional working group to examine leaf blower regulations. They will examine best practices; look at impacts on leaf-blowers; and consider alternative methods and new technologies used in landscape maintenance. The working group plans to submit a summary of its findings by the end of the calendar year.

For more information about the working group and its activities, click here.

For more information about the Village's current rules, click here.