Lake Bluff Letter - May 13, 2022

Lake Bluff Letter - May 13, 2022
Village of Lake Bluff, Illinois

Lake Bluff Letter

Village and Community Updates

SPRING PROJECT LIST. Path resurfacing and repairs are underway throughout the Village, including in Tangley Oaks. Water main work is largely complete for the year and restoration continues. The Village's resurfacing program will start in a few weeks; stay tuned for streets and details.

SONGBIRD SUSPENSION. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources asks that you not use bird baths or feeders until the end of May to help manage a bird disease outbreak in the Midwest.

LIGHTS OUT. Birds continue to migrate through our area. Artificial lighting at night can disrupt how birds navigate safely. Try to minimize home, patio, and landscape lighting this month.

NO MOW MAY. Mowing less in the month of May can help support habitat and forage for early season pollinators. As long as you control weeds, lawn grass can lawfully grow up to eight inches in height within the Village limits.

WHAT'S THE BUZZ? Lake County recently dissolved the Lake Bluff Mosquito Abatement District, and the Village has retained Clarke to continue to provide mosquito control services in our area. Residents can continue to report standing water and nuisances and request spraying notifications by using (If you previously registered to receive notifications, you will continue to receive them and do not need to take any action.)

BE AWARE. There is an increase in "ruse" burglaries in the North Shore where an offender impersonates a utility company employee and distracts a homeowner. Verify the identity of anyone asking to enter your home, even if they look official. If you are unsure, call the utility before allowing an individual to enter.

Board and Committee Actions

For more information, visit the Village's meeting packets and videos page. Agendas and meeting materials are typically available the Friday before a meeting; videos within a week after the meeting; and minutes after they are approved at the next meeting of the public body. Not all meetings are recorded on video. Click here for details on how to participate remotely.

Recent Finance Committee Meeting (May 9, 6 p.m.). The Finance Committee discussed how a stormwater utility fee might be structured to support stormwater infrastructure.

Recent Village Board Meeting (May 9, 7 p.m.). The Village Board:
  • Received the Police Pension Fund's annual report.
  • Approved:
    • An expansion of the Scranton Alley walkway at the Center Avenue Partners development.
    • Reducing the number of liquor licenses in the Village as certain businesses¬†no longer sell¬†liquor.
    • A site plan for new planters at the Lake Bluff Library (123 E. Scranton Ave.).
    • Replacement of a backhoe/loader.
  • Gave first reading approval to:
    • Residential bulk variations to allow for the renovation of a garage at¬†112¬†East North Avenue.?
    • Technical updates to the Village's vehicle sticker regulations.
The Historic Preservation Commission meeting scheduled for May 11 was cancelled.

Upcoming Sustainability and Community Enhancement Ad Hoc Committee (Tuesday, May 17, 7 p.m.) 
The SEC will consider recommending amendments to the Village's sustainability plan and discuss its work plan and communication plan for the upcoming year.

Upcoming Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting (Wednesday, May 18, 7 p.m.) The PCZBA will conduct public hearings to consider:
  • Modifications to the special use permit for Lake Bluff Brewing Company (16 E. Scranton Ave.), including a revised floor plan and expanded hours of operation.
  • A fence height variation at 600 E. Prospect Ave.
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