Lake Bluff Letter - April 28, 2022

Lake Bluff Letter - April 28, 2022
Village of Lake Bluff, Illinois

Lake Bluff Letter

Residential Solid Waste Update

Lake Bluff recently renewed its contract with Groot Industries to dispose of landfill, recycling, landscape, and compost waste from Village residents. Highlights for the updated program include new carts, a new window to select your own cart sizes, and an expansion of the Village's curbside composting program. A mailer was sent to all households last week, or you can click here for more information.

TIME-SENSITIVE: If you would like to select a larger or smaller cart size, you must send a request to before May 1 - that's today or tomorrow - to receive a different-size cart at no additional charge. When you send your request, make sure to include your name, address, and phone number and specify which carts you wish to exchange. If you have non-standard cart sizes today, you must submit a new request to receive a different size replacement cart. You do not need to take any action to receive the standard size replacement carts.

Village and Community Updates

NO MOW MAY. Mowing less in the month of May can help support habitat and forage for early season pollinators. As long as you control weeds, lawn grass can lawfully grow up to eight inches in height within the Village limits.

VEHICLE STICKER renewals are due now and late fees begin soon. You should have received a renewal notice with the PIN necessary to renew online. Renewals are also accepted via mail or in person at Village Hall.

BE AWARE. There is an increase in "ruse" burglaries in the North Shore where an offender impersonates a utility company employee and distracts a homeowner. Verify the identity of anyone asking to enter your home, even if they look official. If you are unsure, call the utility before allowing an individual to enter.

NATIONAL PRESCRIPTION DRUG TAKE BACK DAY is tomorrow, April 30. There is always a drop box available for safe disposal at the Public Safety Building, 45 E. Center Ave.

SPRING PROJECT LIST. Path resurfacing and repairs are underway throughout the Village, including in Tangley Oaks. Water main work is largely complete for the year and restoration begins soon. The Village's resurfacing program will start in a few weeks; stay tuned for streets and details.

SONGBIRD SUSPENSION. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources asks that you not use bird baths or feeders until the end of May to help manage a bird disease outbreak in the Midwest.

SHHHHHH. Landscape work like leaf blowing and lawn mowing may not start before 8 a.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. on weekends and holidays. If you hear a violation, call the Police Department's non-emergency line at (847) 234-8760.

SEMI-ANNUAL COLLECTIONS. If your trash pickup day is Monday, you can place multiple bulky items at the curb for pickup next Wednesday, May 4. For those with Tuesday trash collections, mark your calendar for the following Wednesday, May 11.
THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM. The Lake Bluff History Museum has a new article about the development of Crab Tree Farm. Click here if you'd like more stories about Lake Bluff's past.

Board and Committee Actions

For more information, visit the Village's meeting packets and videos page. Agendas and meeting materials are typically available the Friday before a meeting; videos within a week after the meeting; and minutes after they are approved at the next meeting of the public body. Not all meetings are recorded on video. Click here for details on how to participate remotely.

Recent Village Board Meeting (April 25). The Village Board:
  • Recognized National Preservation Month, National Bike Month, Bike to Work Week, and Mental Health Awareness Month.
  • Recognized the service of Joanna Rolek, Executive Director of the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Chamber of Commerce.
  • Approved an agreement with the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission to study drainage improvements for the Scranton Avenue viaduct.
  • Adopted a revised purchasing policy.
  • Granted fee waivers for the Lake Bluff Library and the Lake Bluff Garden Club, and requested that Staff present options to approve¬†more fee waiver requests¬†administratively.
  • Entered agreements to replace the Glen Avenue footbridge using private donor funding.
  • Approved a¬†50% reduction in zoning processing fees for accessory dwelling units.
  • Adopted closing amendments to the current fiscal year budget to reflect already incurred and approved expenses.
The Business Advisory Ad Hoc Committee meeting scheduled for April 27 was cancelled.

Recent Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting (April 28). The PCZBA recommended that the Village Board approve:
  • An expansion of the Scranton Alley walkway at the Center Avenue Partners development (but not the outdoor dining for Prairie Espresso).
  • Residential bulk variations for 112 and 500 East North Avenue.
Upcoming Architectural Board of Review Meeting (Tuesday, May 3, 7 p.m.). The ABR will:
  • Review improvements to the temporary outdoor dining area in Block One of the Central Business District.
  • Review site plans for:
    • New planters at the Lake Bluff Library (123 E. Scranton Ave.)
    • A new self-storage facility at 105 Albrecht Drive.
    • An expansion of the Scranton Alley walkway at the Center Avenue Partners development (but not the outdoor dining for Prairie Espresso).
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