Mosquito control activities protect against the threat of mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile Virus and help us enjoy the outdoors. As of 2022, the Village contracts with Clarke to provide mosquito control for our community. Previously, mosquito control was provided through the Lake Bluff Mosquito Abatement District, an independent unit of government. Lake County dissolved the District in early 2022 as part of an initiative to consolidate and reduce the number of taxing jurisdictions in our area.

Clarke's services within the District are performed in accordance with CDC guidelines and use products registered with the U.S. EPA. Clarke's technicians use bikes, hybrid crew vehicles, and electric sprayers to reduce the environmental impact of their services.

Lake Bluff's mosquito control program includes:

  • Surveillance and Testing: Clarke monitors mosquito breeding habitats within the district and manages a regional network of traps used to monitor adult mosquito populations levels and test for the presence of West Nile Virus and other mosquito-borne diseases.
  • Larval Control: Larvicide products are applied to sites where mosquito breeding can occur, such as storm drains, retention ponds, and other standing water sites.  They work to prevent mosquito larvae from becoming flying, biting adults.  Clarke applies Natular larvicide in our community, which uses a naturally occurring soil bacterium to control mosquito larvae. Natular is considered a Reduced Risk larvicide by the U.S. EPA, and is listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute for use in and around organic farms and gardens.
  • Adult Control: Adulticide products are used to quickly and efficiently reduce adult mosquito populations. Adulticides are applied through truck-mounted ultra-low volume spraying systems, and treatments are done at night when mosquito populations are most active. When mosquito populations reach nuisance levels or the presence of West Nile Virus is detected in local mosquito populations, Clarke will make applications across our community using Merus.  Merus is the only Organic Material Review Listed adult mosquito control product available for wide area use. It uses natural pyrethrins, a botanical insecticide that is naturally occurring in chrysanthemum flowers.
  • Mosquito Hotline: Residents can report of standing water lasting longer than three days or request service notifications for adult mosquito control applications at Residents may also learn how to sign up for advance notifications (text or email) when adult mosquito control applications are scheduled for our community through the Clarke Customer Portal.  

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions about the program.