Purpose: established in 2015, the purpose of the Sustainability and Community Enhancement Ad Hoc Committee (SEC) is to advise the Village Board on certain policy matters and programs that improve the sustainability of Lake Bluff and enhance the community environment.

Term: Ad hoc.

Meetings: Third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Hall Board Room (40 E. Center Avenue). View the Village Calendar for the most current meeting information.


  • Develop a Sustainability Plan that explores community goals and/or strategies relating to social equity, energy conservation, climate change, economic development, disaster mitigation, public health, community resiliency, and green energy production;
  • Develop a Village Beautification and Enhancement Program that addresses auto, pedestrian and bicycle transportation routes.  This Program should also provide beautification guidance and objectives on all Village-owned property;
  • Examine the Village’s progress in implementing the SWALCO Solid Waste 60% Recycling Task Force;
  • Review the Village’s stewardship role of certain natural assets (e.g. – Skokie Conservation Area, Lillian Dells);
  • Review and recommend Village regulatory modifications to further Village sustainability and beautification efforts;
  • Review the Lake County All Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan for alignment with Village sustainability goals and objectives; and
  • Partner with other local, regional, state, or national groups, as it aligns with our specific objectives, when appropriate.


  • Brian Rener, Chair
    Has served on the SEC since October 2015.
  • Michael Buoscio, Member
    Has served on the SEC since December 2022.
  • McCamie Cole, Member
    Has served on the SEC since September 2021.
  • Marietta Hance, Member
    Has served on the SEC since October 2021.
  • Alexa Richer, Student Member
    Has served on the SEC since October 2021.
  • Sophia Twichell, Member
    Has served on the SEC since August 2018.
  • Vacant. Interested in serving? Submit an application.

Staff Contact: Clara Gable, Assistant to the Village Administrator