Background and Purpose: The Business Advisory Committee (BAC) is an advisory body to the Village President, Board of Trustees and Village Administrator. There are eleven Members of the BAC that are appointed to advise Village leadership on ways to improve the economy of the Village for all current and future residents, visitors and businesses. 

Term: Ad Hoc.

Meetings: Fourth Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. in the Village Hall Board Room (40 E. Center Avenue). View the Village Calendar for the most current meeting information.

Composition: 11 Members are nominated by the Village President and appointed by the Village Board. Members do not need to be Village residents. 


  • Periodically evaluate the economy of the Village of Lake Bluff,
  • Identify actions to promote the economic health of the business community, and
  • Perform other duties as requested by the Village Board or as considered advisable by the Committee and approved by the Village Board.


  • Mark Dewart, Co-Chair
  • Paul Lemieux, Co-Chair
  • Brad Andersen, Member
  • Rob Douglass, Member
  • Deborah Fischer, Member
  • Gary Lawrence, Member
  • Jeff Lynch, Member
  • Ron Oesterlein, Member
  • John Des Rosier, Member

Interested in serving? Submit an application. 

Staff Contact: Drew Irvin, Village Administrator, (847) 234-0774