During the winter season the Village performs snow and ice removal operations on Village owned streets. The Village also provides snow plowing services of public sidewalks throughout the Village when snow is in excess of 3-inches. All residents are reminded that during and after snow and ice events roadway surfaces may not provide as much traction as would otherwise exist and driving with extra caution is recommended. The Village's Public Works Department offers the following information to help ensure snowplow operations are accomplished in a safe and effective manner:

When do snowplow operations begin?

The Village's snow and ice control operations begin when the street accumulates more than one inch of snow, or as conditions demand.  It is Village policy to first respond to winter weather conditions within the first 30 minutes of snow fall during normal working hours and within 60 minutes otherwise.

Why is salt used?

Village snowplow trucks spread salt on roadway surfaces to deter the accumulation of snow and ice. The main roads, collector streets, school bus and emergency vehicle routes are salted more frequently, along with hills, curves, and other potentially dangerous areas.  Laying salt, as opposed to plowing, is carried out when the snow depth remains below one inch during freezing weather conditions.  In these cases, salting is quicker and just as effective.

How can residents help?

Depositing snow on the street creates a hazard and is very dangerous after it freezes.  When removing snow from private property, please avoid shoveling snow into or across Village streets.  When clearing driveways, residents are asked to shovel or plow the snow onto the adjacent parkway. 

Can cars be parked on the street?

Parking is prohibited on any street in the Village between 1:00 and 7:00 a.m. from November 15th to April 1st, or after any snowfall of two inches or more.  On-street vehicles impede the ability to clear the street of snow.

Will damaged parkways and mailboxes be repaired?

The Village performs snow and ice removal operations with great care; however, efforts to remove snow and ice may result in damage to lawns, parkways and mailboxes.  When a properly installed and secure mailbox is damaged during Village snow plow operations the mailbox will be repaired as soon as possible.  A temporary mailbox will be delivered when the Village is notified that the mailbox is damaged.  The Village is not responsible for improperly installed or unsecured mailboxes (leaning into the street).  If your property/parkway or mailbox is accidentally damaged during the snow season, or for details regarding proper mailbox installation please contact Village Hall (847-234-0774).

Can residents share the road with a plow truck?

Due to the size of the snowplow truck and poor visibility conditions, the Village recommends that vehicles avoid sharing the roads with snowplow trucks.  During these activities, drivers must concentrate on plowing operations, including: spreading salt, clearing roads and maintaining lines of communication with other drivers.  In order to ensure maximum safety please yield to all snow removal vehicles.

Where do I go for more information?

For additional information regarding snowplow operations, please contact Jake Terlap, Public Works Superintendent, at 847-735-2310.