Roadways and Sidewalks

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of 32 miles of street srufaces, road shoulders, curbs, allleys, sidewalks and bridges.  Public Works staff collect litter lying along streets, sidewalks and other areas, as well as perform snow plowing operations on Village owned roadways and sidewalks.

Street Lighting

Street Lighting is a division of the Public Works Department that is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the Village's gas and electric street lighting systems.  The Public Works maintain all 38 gas lamps in the Village and 67 electric lights in the Industrial Park, Central Business District, the Belle Foret and Sanctuary subdivisions, Signe Court, Oak Ridge Court and Wimbledon Court.  All the remaining 263 electric lights in the Village are maintained by ComEd through a municipal franchise agreement.

When a Village-owned streetlight is reported to be inoperable a Public Works employee will be dispatched to repair the light.  If residents discover that a street light is not working properly, please call Village Hall (847-234-0774) and ask that a Service Request is initiated for the repair of the streetlight. 

If the street light is a ComEd-owned street light and is not working properly you can either call the Village or use the ComEd hotline (1-800-EDISON1) to report the inoperable light.

Storm and Sanitary Sewers

The Sewer Division is responsible for the routine cleaning, repair and maintenance of sanitary and storm sewer lines and the lift stations that service the lines. If you have a sanitary sewer backup, before you call a plumber, contact Village Hall at 847-234-0774. In the event a backup occurs after hours, contact Police Dispatch Center at 847-234-2153.