Residents and businesses with burglar and fire alarm systems are required to register with the Village on an annual basis. Alarm registrations are $25.00 for each system and are due in April of each year. A separate application form is required for each alarm system to be registered. Applicants are responsible for the proper operation and mechanical maintenance of the alarm system.  Because false alarms are costly taking police officers away from important calls for service, the Police Department strives to reduce the number of false alarms and offers the following helpful tips for homeowners and business owners:

  • Ensure all household members and key holders to the building are trained to use the system;
  • Have each member of your household/business memorize the passcode and/or password to arm and disarm the system including cancelling false alarms;
  • In the event of a false alarm call your alarm system compancy and do not dial 911;
  • Arrange to have your alarm company call you or another designated person first, instead of the police, when your alarm is activated. This is known as verification;
  • Do not set the alarm system if you expect workers, real estate agents, delivery persons, etc., at your home.  If you must set the alarm, meet with visitors at your site to deactivate the alarm upon their arrival;
  • If your system sends a duress signal when an incorrect code is entered, you may want to consider disabling the feature. Often times, in a rush to arm or disarm the alarm, an incorrect code is entered and the Police are dispatched; and
  • Ensure that doors and windows are tight fitting. Adjust hinges and strike plates to allow about ¼ inch movement when pulled or pushed and consider having an alarm delay of at least 45 seconds on all doors.

Alarm Application

All applications are considered confidential and are maintained on file at the Police Department.  Residents with registered alarms that malfunction and trigger multiple false alarms assessed a fee according to the following fee schedule:

False Alarm Fee
1st - 4th false alarm No charge
5th false alarm $50.00
6th false alarm $100.00
7th false alarm $100.00
8th false alarm $100.00
9th false alarm $150.00
10th false alarm or more $250.00

For questions concerning alarms and alarm registration, please contact the Police Department at 847-234-8760.