The Village adopts a variety of taxes to finance its annual operations and all tax sources combined represent 69% of the total governmental revenues. Some taxes are collected by the State and remitted to the Village such as sales, income, telecommunications, and motor fuel taxes. Prepared food and beverage, hotel occupancy, and natural gas and electric utility taxes are remitted directly to the Village. The Village submits a levy (request) to the County to extend taxes on property within the municipal boundary. Each June and September the property tax payments are due to the County.  The County then disburses the collections to the Village, School Districts, the Park District, the County and other governmental taxing bodies.  The Village and the Library represent 8% and 2%, respectively, of a Lake Bluff resident's total property tax bill.  If you have questions regarding taxes or tax rates please contact Finance Director Bettina O'Connell.

Information Regarding the 2023 Tax Levy