The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to establish logical land use and community development policies that will serve as a resource and guide in the decision making process of the Village's public officials.·The Plan will allow Village Trustees, the Plan Commission, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Architectural Board of Review, the Boards of the Library, Park and School Districts and other Village decision makers, to direct growth and make policy choices consistent with selected goals and objectives.

Zoning Map

Table of Contents & Purpose & Vision Statements


Planning History & Community Involvement

Combined District Boundary Map

Plan Elements - Land Use

Existing Land Use Map

Future Land Use Map

Plan Elements - Annexation & Development

Annexation Areas Map

Development Areas Map

Plan Elements - Economic Development

Plan Elements - Public Services & Infrastructure

Plan Elements - Transportation

Transportation Map

Plan Elements - Open Space, Parks & Recreation

Open Space, Parks & Recreation Map

Plan Elements - Environmental Resources

Plan Elements - Housing

Tools and Tactics

Plan Review and Revisions

Comprehensive Plan Adoption

Village Community Survey & Responses

Village Strengths & Weaknesses / Opportunities & Threats

Annexation Evaluations

Projected Daily Traffic Volume

Map and Street Index

Vicinity Map

Downtown Public Parking

Parcel Map

1999 Plan Amendment - CBD Land Use Plan

2000 Plan Amendment - Industrial & Commercial Corridor Business District Planning and Transportation Study

2016 Plan Amendment - Downtown Planning Principles

Reference Materials

CBD Phase I Report (January 1998)

CBD Phase II Report (June 1998)