As Lake Bluff is a community with a rich historical, cultural, and architectural character that is unique among other Illinois communities, the Village Board of Trustees adopted regulations to maintain these characteristics.  In addition to establishing the Village's historic preservation program, the Village Board also created the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).  The HPC, as an advisory body, is responsible for educating Village residents on the importance of preservation and recommending policies regarding the preservation, protection, enhancement, rehabilitation, reconstruction, maintenance, and use of the Village's historic structures, sites, and landscapes.

Overall, the Lake Bluff Historic Preservation Program seeks to:

  • Foster civic pride in the accomplishments of the past;
  • Preserve & promote the Village's historic character;
  • Maintain and improve property values;
  • Protect & enhance the Village's aesthetic character;
  • Establish polices regarding preservation;
  • Encourage landmark designation status; and
  • Educate residents on the importance of preservation.

Homeowners interested in obtaining historic landmark designation status for their home are encouraged to contact Drew Irvin, Village Administrator, at 847-283-6883 to review the landmark designation process.

State of Illinois - Historic Preservation Financial Incentives 

Summary and Inventory of Historic Resources, 2018-2019

Summary and Historic Resource Survey: Estate Areas of Lake Bluff 2008

Summary and Inventory of Southeast Survey Area, 2003

Summary and Architectural Survey, 1998

Lake Bluff Landmark Homes Brochure