The existing steel and wooden footbridge that crosses Ravine Park at Glen Avenue was originally constructed in 1915 and was significantly renovated around 1980.

2017: An inspection of the bridge showed deterioration in some of the steel members.
2019: The Village considered potential repairs to extend the life of the existing bridge.
2021: A review of the potential work needed to repair the existing bridge indicated that the cost of repairs would be high enough that the Village should consider replacing the bridge.
2022: The Village received a generous $400,000 gift from an anonymous donor to help fund the replacement of the existing bridge.
2023: Village Staff worked with nearby property owners and the Village’s Architectural Board of Review to complete the plans for the new bridge and enhancements to the areas on each end of the bridge.



The new bridge is being constructed off-site and will be brought to Lake Bluff in two pieces and installed by a crane. The bridge will be about two feet wider that the existing bridge and will be made of steel with wooden decking. Similar to the existing bridge, it will be painted green and have outriggers extending beyond the sides of the bridge. Steel sheet piling will be installed in two areas on the south end of the bridge to stabilize the land and provide a space with benches. Native plantings will be installed on both ends of the bridge.


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