In addition to the requirements for fire sprinklers in newly construction buildings, Lake Bluff has, since 2005, required all commercial buildings and multi-family buildings of more than 2 units to install fire sprinklers as a retrofit in the existing building. Since 2010, the deadline for the retrofit installation in these commercial and multi-family buildings has been (and still is) January 1, 2026.

New to the latest edition of the building codes adopted this year, is the option for property owners to apply for an exemption or partial exemption to the retrofit requirement if they believe their building and circumstances meet certain criteria in the ordinance at the link below.

Exemption applications are submitted to the Building Codes Supervisor. They will be reviewed by staff for completeness, evaluated by a consultant, and ultimately discussed and voted on by the Architectural Board of Review at a public meeting.

For more information contact Building Codes Supervisor Mike Croak at 847-283-6885.


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