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From 2010 - 2015, the Village and other governmental partners sponsored an engineering study of ways to improve the safety and operations of the interchange connecting U.S. Route 41 (Skokie Highway) to Illinois Route 176 (Rockland Road). (This type of study is known as a "Phase 1" engineering study.) After evaluating a number of different alternatives, the study resulted in a preferred improvement plan that would:

  • Add acceleration and deceleration lanes to and from U.S. 41
  • Adjust the elevation of U.S. 41 to increase sight distances.
  • Improve intersections to accommodate increased vehicle traffic and reduce confusing operations (turns).
  • Modernize traffic signals.
  • Widen Skokie Valley Road and Shagbark Road (the L-shaped roads connecting U.S. 41 and IL 176).
  • Add additional through and turn lanes on IL 176 to handle future traffic demands.
  • Extend W. Washington Ave. to serve properties northeast of the interchange (such as the unincorporated Rockland Mobile Home Park) and eliminate driveways connecting directly to U.S. 41 from these properties.
  • Improve drainage and construct an expanded area for stormwater detention in the northwest of the interchange.

The State's Rebuild Illinois capital plan includes $61 million for the Illinois Department of Transportation to rebuild the interchange based on the results of the Village's study. A construction timeline has not yet been released, but Rebuild Illinois contemplates projects being scheduled through the end of the State's 2025 fiscal year (or June 30, 2025). Questions and comments regarding the project's current status can be directed to IDOT online or by calling (800) 452-IDOTThe Village will help publicize any updates when they are available.

Preferred Improvement Plan:

Study Background Materials: