Click below to view the FY2015-16 Approved Budget document:


Table of Contents

Village History
Organization Chart
Introduction and Transmittal Letter
2016 Vision 
Distinguished Budget Presentation Award

Revenue and Expenditures by Type
Revenues and Expenditures by Fund and Category
Interfund Transfers Reconciliation
Fund Balance and Net Assests
Debt Service

Village Staff Compensation Program (as of 5/20/2016)

FY 2016 Capital Improvement Projects

Property Tax Rates by Taxing District
Revenues and Expenditures Multi-Year Information by Fund

Budget and Accounting Policies
Budget Timetable
Ordinance Adopting the FY15-2016 Budget


General Fund Revenue Projections
General Fund Summary of Expenditures by Department and Category

General Fund - Administration, Finance, Board and Commissions, Community Development and Village Properties

General Fund - Public Safety Department (Police, Fire and Public Safety Building)

General Fund - Public Works Department

Special Revenue Funds:
Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
Social Security Fund
Motor Fuel Tax Fund
Enhanced 9-1-1 System Fund
Special Fire Insurance Tax Fund

Debt Service:
2006 General Obligation Bond Fund

Capital Project Fund:
Redevelopment Program Fund

Vehicle and Equipment Replacement Fund
Vehicle Equipment and Replacement Schedule

Water Fund

Police Pension Fund

Lake Bluff Public Library Fund

Capital Equipment and Improvement Projects Budget

Personnel Projections

Community Information

Past approved budget documents are also available for viewing at the Village Hall (40 E. Center Avenue) and the Lake Bluff Public Library (123 E. Scranton Avenue).  For additional information regarding the FY 2015-16 Approved Budget, please contact Finance Director Susan Griffin at 847-234-0774.